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Building a Better Future, Peter Mirabello’s Vision for Sustainable Manufacturing and a Strong Team.

CEO & Chairman of Metal Finishing Technologies, Peter Mirabello was recently a guest on the Forbes Books podcast hosted by Joe Podavila. The wide-ranging conversation covered everything from doing business in the state of Connecticut over the last 12 years to the growth of MFT.  The interview touches upon our philosophy, covering everything from our culture, and our sustainment practices. In this episode, Peter discusses the innovative and collaborative ways MFT is addressing the workforce headwinds challenging all industries.

Episode Information

In this episode, Joe sits down with Peter Mirabello, the CEO & Chairman of Metal Finishing Technologies, to discuss his journey in transforming his company into a thriving industry leader in manufacturing and technology. Peter’s passion for bringing out the best in people and his commitment to environmental stewardship have been the driving forces behind his success. Through innovative solutions and a strong company culture, Peter has overcome the skills headwinds facing many companies today and positioned Metal Finishing Technologies as a critical link in the supply chain for the aerospace and defense industry. Join us as Peter shares his insights into sustainable manufacturing, building strong teams, and leading with purpose. Get ready to be inspired to achieve your own dreams and make a positive impact on the world around you.

Click to listen to the episode on Apple, Spotify, or Google Podcasts: Building a Better Future, Peter Mirabello’s Vision for Sustainable Manufacturing and a Strong Team.

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