MFT Adds Two New Plating Capabilities: Silver & Nickel Sulfamate

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MFT Adds Two New Plating Capabilities: Silver & Nickel Sulfamate

Connecticut-based Metal Finishing Technologies, LLC announces new plating lines that will provide silver and nickel sulfamate plating for customers across all industries.


BRISTOL, CT. November 15, 2022 ( — Metal Finishing Technologies, LLC (MFT) is thrilled to announce the addition of two new capabilities for our finishing house: silver plating and nickel sulfamate plating. These services arrive at a critical time for the industry, with many other plating providers overloaded with work in these areas, creating bottlenecks that slowed turnaround times and reduced quality.

MFT’s silver plating services will find applications across numerous industries, including aerospace and defense, electronics, automotive, medical, power generation, and more. A highly versatile metal, silver is a popular anti-gall solution for fastener threads, static seals, and bushings in industrial contexts. Our expert team is committed to providing NADCAP-certified silver plating, even in low quantities, with industry-best TATs and world-class quality.

Customers will also appreciate the attention to detail that MFT devotes to our sulfamate nickel plating services, one of the most relied-upon methods for industrial applications of nickel plating. The low-stress nickel deposit created through our certified process substantially eliminates the risk of peeling, cracking, distortion, and shrinkage that is typical of other plating surfaces. Nickel sulfamate plating is renowned for its resistance to temperature and corrosion in a highly pure plate that is fast to apply, reliable, and produces remarkably consistent results.

President Zach Kleiner emphasized the importance of silver and nickel sulfamate, saying, “Our willingness to recognize and invest in these new lines stems from our brand’s overall mission: to deliver quality, guarantee fast turnaround times, and continuously improve.” MFT is ready to discuss these capabilities with customers and invites you to call for more information about their silver and nickel sulfamate plating lines, capacity, and certifications.

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Metal Finishing Technologies, LLC. (, MFT is one of the largest, oldest, and most diversified metal finishers in New England. Since its founding in 1947, MFT has serviced plating and turbine component coating and removal clients throughout the Northeast and across the US. MFT has been under new ownership since 2011 when Peter Mirabello bought the Company. The company operates out of a 72,000 square foot ISO 9000-2008 / AS9100 governed facility, designed specifically to meet the stringent handling and environmental needs of the metal finishing industry.

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